Wait, who are you again?

If it already wasn't clear before that I'm not a blogger, it is now. I've lost myself in a pit of academic hell for the moment. Classes, and an antiquated, schmucky, royalpainintheass, medieval lit professor have taken have taken over and now monopolize 99% of my free time. I only have to do two more annotated bibliographies and two big end of term papers, then I'm free for the summer.
On the bright side, I have a new kid at daycare. She's 9 weeks old and the easiest baby I have ever seen. Finding new ways to make her laugh is a fabulous way to spend my day and I enjoy it immensely.
I've also got frequent dr. appts recently, but I can't get into the details about that here right now. Maybe a topic for later. Nothing to worry about though, I assure you.
Anyway, I figured I'd jump on and dole out some excuses why I don't post. Ever. I only have a couple weeks of classes, and I promise I'll try to come back and post here more. Like, once a month or something. LOL