I survived last week, and my new party trick

My kids were home from school all week last week, and we all made it through it without any major injuries or trauma! I only had 1 FT daycare kid, so that probably helped.
Hmmm, what to blog about.  Potential thesis topics? Maybe later.  Daycare kids stealing my homework time? Eh, can’t complain as long as I get paid, and sometimes they get me laughing so hard it’s worth it.  A HA! I know, My Furbabies!
Alright, let me introduce you to my furbabies.  Boeheim (AKA Bay) is a four year old Beagle/Terrier, and is my only son. He is named after the coach of my husband’s favorite college basketball team, Jim Boeheim of the Syracuse Orange.   We also have a hamster, J Flynn, named after a former player but he’s an asshole.

Blayre  (AKA Moose) is a three year old somethingorother. When we adopted her we were told she was a St. Bernard mix, but I don’t’ believe it.  She looks Shepherd to me, and her sister looks Golden Retriever (sister Jilly lives with my parents).

Anyways, my dogs are my third and fourth children, and as such they are just as spoiled as my two legged children. They are also just as entertaining.
My parents are celebrating their 30th anniversary this year and they are doing a second wedding. Somehow, probably out of guilt for being a shitty teenager, I ended up volunteering to hand make a crapload of leather roses (because to buy them already made it’s over $10 each). Yeah, I know, I rock. I’ll brag about flowers at a later date. Anyway, two nights ago, I was sitting in my chair assembling roses from pieces I had cut out last week. When putting them together, I need to spray them lightly with a water bottle.  They hold their shape better when they dry. Every time I'd have a handful of wet leather rose petals, Blayre would run up and start barking at me. Every time. If I did it dry, she was fine, but the flower didn't look as good. She never paid any attention to the times I've pulled stuff out and sat here cutting the petals out. Now, apparently I can only assemble flowers when she's not around. I think it's something to do with the smell of the wet leather. She tries to eat the flowers, and when I push her away, she licks all over my hands. It's very strange, but freaking hysterical nonetheless. Now I need to keep tabs on the dog to make sure she doesn't mistake these expensive and tie consuming flowers for her dinner!
I wonder if I can turn her freak out  into a party trick…


I was broke. Then I was rich. Now I'm broke.

We are usually pretty poor and in debt, but then...Yup, you guessed it. We got our tax return! It always feels a little bit like Christmas when I check the account and see $$$CHA-CHING$$$
Of course, before I even told Hubby the money was in the bank I had already dropped a quick grand on bills. I figured I'd better pay some stuff while it was still there, because tax money never lasts long.
Last year Hubby declared that with tax money he wanted a boat and a shotgun. Neither of these happened since we spent $2500 to put a lawyer on retainer so that we could sue J's sperm donor for parental rights and Hubby could finally!! adopt her. (More on that another time)
Anyway, hubby insisted that this was the year for a boat. We had very different thoughts on what was acceptable but we found middle ground and hit Craigslist daily for a couple weeks. This past weekend he finally bought one. Yeah, him. I refuse to claim any kind of ownership or responsibility for it. I'm sure in a few months there will be a blog of me resenting him spending entire weekends on the lake while I'm stranded home with the kids.
Well of course, since there is now a boat, boating accessories are a must. This means a family outing to Bass Pro Shops to get life jackets for all four of us, bumper thingys so the dock doesn't take a chunk out of the floating mancave, and some other supposedly-necessary-crap.
To say the least, happily not-poor, after a couple bills and floating mancave crap, is now all gone. Luckily I packed enough aside that I can finally get my tattoo. More on that later too.
Here's his new summer-home...
Although, I'd be lying if I didn't admit I'm looking forward to tubing. Not the sunburn though. I think he needs a bimini top for Father's Day.


I'll be back.

I recently watched Julie and Julia. It was ok I suppose, but it made me feel lazy. I am one of those people who rarely finish anything. I’ve been in college for almost a third of my life and I will never be done. Partially because I like it and partially because the more degrees I have the more I feel like I’m smarter than other people. ;-) Anyway, when I think about my hobbies, I have a crapload of scrapbook stuff and pictures waiting to be compiled into some beautiful, heartfelt memento for my kids. I have about 5 half knitted scarves that I cram away when spring comes and forget about. I have never managed to get my entire house clean in one day. I don’t’ know if it’s ADD or too much on my plate, or maybe I’m just lazy, but I always feel like I have eight hundred things I could be doing.
For example, right now I am taking two graduate classes which involve an obscene amount of reading, analyzing, and writing. Obviously I get that stuff done, because student loans will dominate my financial future so I may as well get my money’s worth. A s a result, I don’t have time to read anything I WANT read,  play video games, nap, or clean as much as I should in a house full of kids and dogs.
I’ve decided I want to set a small and attainable goal- Posting on this stupid blog at least once a week. This way, I can feel like I am capable of accomplishing something that isn’t school related. Wish me luck.


Sometimes it really sucks being a woman- Artists rendition

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