I'll be back.

I recently watched Julie and Julia. It was ok I suppose, but it made me feel lazy. I am one of those people who rarely finish anything. I’ve been in college for almost a third of my life and I will never be done. Partially because I like it and partially because the more degrees I have the more I feel like I’m smarter than other people. ;-) Anyway, when I think about my hobbies, I have a crapload of scrapbook stuff and pictures waiting to be compiled into some beautiful, heartfelt memento for my kids. I have about 5 half knitted scarves that I cram away when spring comes and forget about. I have never managed to get my entire house clean in one day. I don’t’ know if it’s ADD or too much on my plate, or maybe I’m just lazy, but I always feel like I have eight hundred things I could be doing.
For example, right now I am taking two graduate classes which involve an obscene amount of reading, analyzing, and writing. Obviously I get that stuff done, because student loans will dominate my financial future so I may as well get my money’s worth. A s a result, I don’t have time to read anything I WANT read,  play video games, nap, or clean as much as I should in a house full of kids and dogs.
I’ve decided I want to set a small and attainable goal- Posting on this stupid blog at least once a week. This way, I can feel like I am capable of accomplishing something that isn’t school related. Wish me luck.


LiLu said...

It made me feel lazy too! And also like punching Amy Adams in the face a little bit. Am I the only person alive who finds her unbelievably irritating?

Tessey Sue said...

No, I agree with the punch in the face thing.