I was broke. Then I was rich. Now I'm broke.

We are usually pretty poor and in debt, but then...Yup, you guessed it. We got our tax return! It always feels a little bit like Christmas when I check the account and see $$$CHA-CHING$$$
Of course, before I even told Hubby the money was in the bank I had already dropped a quick grand on bills. I figured I'd better pay some stuff while it was still there, because tax money never lasts long.
Last year Hubby declared that with tax money he wanted a boat and a shotgun. Neither of these happened since we spent $2500 to put a lawyer on retainer so that we could sue J's sperm donor for parental rights and Hubby could finally!! adopt her. (More on that another time)
Anyway, hubby insisted that this was the year for a boat. We had very different thoughts on what was acceptable but we found middle ground and hit Craigslist daily for a couple weeks. This past weekend he finally bought one. Yeah, him. I refuse to claim any kind of ownership or responsibility for it. I'm sure in a few months there will be a blog of me resenting him spending entire weekends on the lake while I'm stranded home with the kids.
Well of course, since there is now a boat, boating accessories are a must. This means a family outing to Bass Pro Shops to get life jackets for all four of us, bumper thingys so the dock doesn't take a chunk out of the floating mancave, and some other supposedly-necessary-crap.
To say the least, happily not-poor, after a couple bills and floating mancave crap, is now all gone. Luckily I packed enough aside that I can finally get my tattoo. More on that later too.
Here's his new summer-home...
Although, I'd be lying if I didn't admit I'm looking forward to tubing. Not the sunburn though. I think he needs a bimini top for Father's Day.


Princess Chelsea said...

great boat! our in laws have one and we have thought about buying one several times - since the hubs is a teacher he may get some good use out of it during the FEW sunny summer days we have here in wisconsin. Anyway, we just borrow the in laws instead.
Tubing is fun and just laying on the boat while the kids splash around in that nasty lake water is nice too tho!